Create Smiles

“Mom, let’s go to India and rescue children from slavery”.  These words became reality a few years ago.  I bought a book about India customs, packed my bags and updated my passport.  Who says you are too old to travel or make a difference.  This world is not only a beautiful place but also an ugly one in other parts that we don’t venture out to see. There is a world out there that only missionaries portray.  It’s a choice to give beyond yourself.

My life was forever changed holding to children that had been abandoned or sold by their parents.  Over the next few years of traveling back in forth to India, starting a school, opening more room for orphanages, passing out treats, toys, clothes, food and giving will be forever etched in my heart.  With over 400 children rescued, their lives will be forever changed.

Age is just a number but your heart is what makes a difference when you live out your passion.  Leave a legacy, find your purpose, create smiles and live beyond the average.


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