Preventing Cancer over 50

That’s an ugly word “cancer”.  The thought makes some people cringe and if there is an ugly disease that people can say they actually hate, it is cancer.  Like heart disease, cancer largely affects the senior population.  About 77 percent of all cancers are diagnosed in people over age 55, a segment of the U.S. population that…

Top Foods You Should Be Eating

Once you reach fifty or just getting older for that fact, most of us want to try to eat healthier.  It is quite interesting how our parents didn’t suffer from most of the issues our generation face.  My parents raised three gardens and we ate food that wasn’t saturated with GMO’s and it was basically…

Making Changes

We all have the same amount of time to change and it starts with a decision

Acting Your Age

“Take care of your body when you are younger or your health will prove you are older than you look”

Create Smiles

Leave a legacy, find your purpose, create smiles and live beyond the average.